Board Review: Summer Emergencies


A 31-year-old 70-kg male is grilling at a BBQ when he accidentally lights himself on fire. On exam in the ED he is found to have full-thickness burns to the front of his torso as well as his left arm. He also has superficial burns to his right leg. What is the recommended fluid requirement for this patient in the next 24 hours? 


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Board Review: OB/GYN

A 26 year old female at 40 weeks gestation presents to your emergency department in labor.  During the delivery you notice retraction of the fetal head against the maternal perineum and are unable to deliver either shoulder.  Which of the following steps below should be performed first?

  1. Suprapubic pressure with flexion of hips 
  2. Episiotomy 
  3. Rotate mother to prone position 
  4. Cephalic replacement 
  5. Intentional clavicle fracture 
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