A Week in Review May 28th - June 2nd

Monday: Back to Basics - Vaginal Bleeding Late in Pregnancy

Placenta Previa vs Placenta Abruptio

Painless vs Painful

Premature labor

Vasa Previa

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Update to Surviving Sepsis Campaign

Update to the guidelines to beging the intial bundle within 1 hr of arrival

(Antibiotics, Fluids (30cc/kg bolus), blood cultures, vasopressor if MAP <65mmHg)

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis

Thursday: #emconf - Case Control Study

Quick review of the pros and cons of the Case Control study methodology

PROs - easy and fast, retrospective data

CONs - Selection bias, can't determine incidence

Friday: Critical Care - Managing your Team during Cardiac Arrest

Quick VIDEO recap of great pearls to make your next cardiac arrest run smoother.

Saturday: Board Review - STEMI Management

You diagnoised the STEMI, don't stop short and make sure you pick the right medications!