Critical Cases - Traumatic mydriasis!

 A 34 year old female sustains blunt trauma to the right eye with a fist during an altercation. She complains of eye pain and blurred vision in the affected eye. Summoning up all your opthalmology knowledge, you grap your eye box and approach the room. Does she have a vision threatening injury? Let's find out...

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Critical Cases - Painless Vision Loss (With Awesome Eye Ultrasound!)

A 35 yo male with a hx of NIDDM presents with 4 days of painless loss of vision in a portion of his left eye. "Uh oh....eyeball stuff..." you think as you head towards the room. Then you remember to grab your trusty ultrasound machine....

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Critical Cases: Orbital Compartment Syndrome

A 31 yo male presents after assault. Walking into the room, you immediately notice marked edema around his left eye. He also seems restless and agitated and is pulling away from staff attempting to obtain vital signs and obtain IV access. Read on for pearls regarding this patient's vision threatening injury!