Critically Appraised Topic: Is spirometry a safe and reliable measure for predicting complications and hospital length of stay in patients with rib fractures?

Dr. Kern discusses some literature on incentive spirometer's role in rib fractures. 

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Critical Cases: Orbital Compartment Syndrome

A 31 yo male presents after assault. Walking into the room, you immediately notice marked edema around his left eye. He also seems restless and agitated and is pulling away from staff attempting to obtain vital signs and obtain IV access. Read on for pearls regarding this patient's vision threatening injury!

Critical Cases: Not Just an Ankle Sprain! Demystifying the Maisonneuve Fracture

Independently interpreting plain film imaging is an essential skill for the Emergency Medicine provider. Among the most notorious of injuries likely to be missed is the Maisonneuve fracture. In this post we demonstrate the "can't miss" imaging findings to ensure that you don't make the mistake of thinking this is "just an ankle sprain!"

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