Week in Review: July 16-21st

Monday - Back to Basics: Foreign Body Ingestion

Plastic Wood can be difficult to see on Xray, where as metal and stone are more easily seen

US is a great method for more superficial items

Remember Button batteries and magnes require emergent removal

Tuesday - Advanced Practice: Subcutaneous insulin for DKA

Has been tested by sum small RCTS in patients with MILD DKA

Generally instead of 0.1 - 0.13 units/kg/hr of IV insulin infusion 

Use Lispor/aspart Insulin injection @ 0.15-.030 Unit/kg intially followed by 0.10-0.15 units/kg each hr after that

Wednesday - What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday - #emconf: Beyond ACLS - PEA

There might be some good uses for US in PEA

However beaware than many physician groups do poorly at determining cardiac standstill

Also be aware when using US, pauses in chest compressions were longer (23 vs 13 seconds)

Friday - Critical Care: ResusEM

Great review from last years ResusEM from Dr. Kilgannon and Dr. Roberts

ResusEM2 in 2 more weeks. Gete excited