Week in Review Feb 18th - 23rd

Monday: Back to Basics - 10 PIV Tips

Remember to avoid veins that are too deep, high risk of subsequent failure

Don't stop once you get flash, continue to thread the IV further to guarentee success.

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Placing a Word Catheter

Remeber to check the ballon prior to insertion.

After placement instill 3-5cc of sterile water or 0.9% NS

Remember the cather remains in place for 2-4 weeks much longer than typically abscess packing


Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Part 2)

UC and Crohns' patients are hypercoaguable during a flare, consider DVT and PE in appropriate patients

Remeber if a patient has had their ileolcecal portion of bowel removed they are at higher risk for biliary pathology.

Saturday: Board Review - Myxedema Coma

What's the right treament for myxedema coma?