Week in Review: Feb 26th - March 3rd

Monday: Back to Basics - Bili Checks

Make sure to know the exact time of birth and plot on the appropriate bili curve

If elevated consider other causes besides physiologic, such as: hemolysis or Gilbert's Syndrome

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Common Bleeding Disorders

Can you remember the differences between ITP, TTP, HUS and DIC?

All have low platlets but what about PT/PTT and fibrinogen

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - Myxedema Coma

Look for altered mental status, colume depletion, hypotension, hypothermia

Multiple possible triggers, consider Infection and sepsis as it is the most common cause.

Treatment = treating abnormalities, supportive care and hydrocortisone 100mg plus IV thyroxine

Friday: Critical Care - Push Dose Epi

Starting with code does epi (ie 1mg in 1ml) 

Adding 9ml of NS results in a concentration of 0.01mg/ml or 10mcg/ml

Be sure to label your syringes!

Saturday: Board Review - Arrhythmia

Do you remember you ACLS indications for cardioversion?

When do you use syncronized vs defibrillation?