A Week in Review March 5th - 10th

Monday: Back to Basics - Globe Rupture

This is an ocular emergency, following blunt or penetrating trauma

Look for teardrop shaped pupil or posivtive Seidel test

Tx: HOB elvated, Broad Spect Abx, update tetanus

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Balance Electrolyte Solution vs Normal Saline in Critically Ill

Quick review of the recent publication in NEJM on 0.9% NS vs LR

Cluster RCT with 15,802 patients spread across 5 ICUs at Vanderbilt

No single primary outcome showed signifcance. There was signficance in a composite outcome

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis

Thursday: #emconf - Thyroid Storm

Treatment: Start with propranolol to HR 90-100

Then add Thionamides (PTU), finally 1 hr after that consider Iodide

Friday: Critical Care - Awake Intubation

Here is a quick primer on the steps to prepare for an awake intubation.

Although it can be much safer, it takes a lot longer, and you need to be ready ahead of time.

Saturday: Board Review - Pediatrics

On No! a crying, sick 6 week old child

What to do?