Alexis Pelletier-Bui, MD

Back to Basics: What's the diagnosis?

A 28-year old male with no past medical history presents with ches tpain for 2 days. The pain is pressure-like in the center of his ches tand worse with deep inspiration. He states he just got over a cold but denies recent fever or cough. An EKG is obtained. What is the diagnosis?

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Back to Basics: Intussusception


-One segment of intestine telescopes into another

-Most commonly ileum into colon

-Most common cause of intestinal obstruction in children under 2 y/o

-Rare before 2 months old


-Classically infant with intermittent episodes of severe abdominal pain with legs drawn to chest, asymptomatic between episodes

-Classic Triad: abdominal pain, palpable sausage shaped abdominal mass, bloody stools (“currant jelly”)

- rarely all 3 present

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