Hope Kilgannon, MD

Imaging Case: 2 Year Old Male With Abdominal Pain

Case: A 2 year-old male with no significant PMH is brought to the Emergency Department by his mother for intermittent abdominal pain for the past two days. Mom notes that the child will crouch down into a ball when he has pain, which lasts only a few minutes at a time. He has decreased solid food intake but no vomiting or diarrhea and is otherwise well.<

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Imaging Case: 74 Year Old Male with Rectal Pain and Fatigue

Case: A 74 yo male patient with a PMH significant for rectal carcincoma (s/p chemotherapy and radiation; refused surgery) arrives with chief complaint of rectal pain and general malaise for two week duration. He notes urinary and fecal incontinence over this same time period. He also notes intermittent fevers.