Advanced Practice Airway Mastery Series: Predicting Cardiac Arrest After Intubation


  • Intubation of the critically ill may precipitate cardiac arrest
  • Understanding predictors of which patients are likely to experience cardiac arrest may help ameliorate the risk

Study Design:

  • Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data on 1,847 intubations in 64 French ICUs

Patient Population:

  • Critically ill patients in the ICU requiring intubation


  • Summarized in the graphic below with Odds Ratios for cardiac arrest





  • Cardiac arrest resulted from nearly 1 in 40 intubation procedures
  • Not surprisingly, pre-intubation hypotension, hypoxemia, and lack of preoxygenation were the strongest predictors of cardiac arrest



De Jong A, Rolle A, Molinari N et al. Cardiac Arrest and Mortality Related to Intubation Procedure in Critically Ill Adult Patients: A Multicenter Cohort Study. Critical Care Medicine 2017: epub ahead of print PMID: 29261566