Advanced Practice - Missed Orthopedic Injuries in the ED!

(The injury is a perilunate dislocation of the wrist)


Missed Orthopedic Injuries in the ED


The Stakes:

  • Missed injuries is perenially one of the top reasons for lawsuits against emergency medicine providers


  • Many injuries are difficult to detect clinically or on plain film, especially if the practitioner hasn't encountered the injury before


  • Many injuries are sustained in young patients, and can result in loss of function, inability to participate in athletics, and lost employment


Commonly Missed Injuries





Strategies to Avoid Misses

  • Evaluate the patient before assessing the plain film; the clinical exam may suggest the specific injury you should be looking for


  • Assess for specific injury patterns based on the patient's mechanism of injury; for example, a fall from height with foot pain should prompt for careful evaluation of calcaneal fracture


  • Be sure to evaluate the entire film, not just the area of initial interest


  • Don't stop reviewing an x-ray after you detect one injury; the second injury is often the one that is missed


  • Know which injuries are most often missed and look specifically for these on every plain film you order





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