Back to Basics: A Case of Traumatic Knee Pain

Back to Basics: A Case of Traumatic Knee Pain

By Dr. Ozair Rizvi, MD

A 45 year-old male with no medical history presents with Right knee pain after a mechanical fall causing him to land onto his right knee. Exam reveals moderate swelling and tenderness. He is unable to extend the knee.

X-ray shows:














Diagnosis: Patella Alta

What is it?

Superior displacement of the patella due to disruption of the tendon attaching the patella to the tibial tubercle.


  • Tensile overload of the extension mechanism
  • Most commonly occurs with the knee in a flexed position
  • Local steroid injection associated with increased risk of spontaneous rupture


  • Pain, greatest in infrapatellar region
  • Swelling of the knee due to hemarthrosis
  • Popping sensation
  • Difficulty weight-bearing

Physical exam

  • High-riding patella
  • Hemarthrosis and ecchymosis
  • Localized tenderness
  • Reduced ROM of knee (impaired knee extension and weight bearing) due to pain
  • Possibly a palpable gap below the inferior pole of the patella


  • If partial tear with intact extensor mechanism, likely nonoperative management with immobilization in full extension (knee splint).
  • If complete tear and loss of extensor mechanism, requires orthopaedics consult and possible operative repair.



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