Back to Basics: Eclampsia

A 28 year old woman comes into your community rural ED, only medical history is she had a baby 15 days ago.  Says she’s been feeling unwell for the past week and begins to seize - what do you do? 


What is preeclampsia?  HTN + end organ damage 

  • proteinuria (> 300 mg / 24 hr, protein/creatinine > 0.3, dipstick > 2+) 

  • AKI (Cr >1.1 or doubling of baseline) 

  • liver dysfunction (2 x normal) 

  • hemolysis  

  • thrombocytopenia 

  • neurological features (headaches, vision changes, etc) 


Eclampsia? Preeclampsia + Seizures  

  • the danger? Can be initially asymptomatic, can be seen in women up to 6 weeks postpartum 


What to do? 

  • if patient is preeclamptic 

  • consult OB: treatment is delivery 

  • magnesium for seizure prophylaxis (until 24 hours after delivery) 

  • 6g of 10% solution bolus 15-20 min, 2g/hour infusion after until 24 hour  after delivery 

  • CONTRAINDICATED in myasthenia gravis patients, use other antiepileptics (levetiracetam or valproic acid) 

  • treat the hypertension: labetalol, nifedipine, methyldopa  

  • No IV? IM magnesium: 50% concentration, 5mg in each buttock, then 5mg in each buttock Q4 until 24 hour after delivery 




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