Back to Basics: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Management

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Management Pearls

1.  SAH requiring intubation:

  • Consider fentanyl and lidocaine 3-4 min pre-intubation (if time permits) for neuroprotection, though data regarding effectiveness for both agents is inconsistent
  • Important to avoid hypotension during intubation - keep this in mind when choosing RSI medicaitons
  • Pain management & sedation post intubation are critical - have propofol and fentanyl at the bedside during intubation

2.  Hypertensive SAH:

  • No clear BP target - some studies initially suggested lowering SBP<140, others show no difference between SBP<180 & <140
  • Commonly used agents:  labetalol, nicardipine, enalapril
  • Avoid nitroprusside & nitroglycerin because these can increase ICP

3.  SAH in patient taking anticoagulations/antiplatelets:

  • Hold all anticoagulants & antiplatelets after diagnosis of SAH
  • Agents should be reversed immediately
    • *Controversial:  PATCH Trial - platelet transfusion increased mortality in patients taking antiplatelet agents with acute nontraumatic SAH

4.  Seizure Prophylaxis

  • Consider it
  • Remains controversial, best to consult with neurosurgeon

5.  Prevention of Vasospasm

  • Nimodipine within 96 hrs of symptoms
    • Must be given PO or via NGT, not IV



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