#EMConf: Beyond ACLS - VFib


  • Amiodarone and Lidocaine have minimal effect over placebo in VT/VF (NEJM article from 2016)
  • Amiodarone remains in the ACLS guidelines and you can consider it after a couple of defibrillations since there remains some uncertainty.

Refractory VTach/ VFib:

  • For refractory VF/VT, consider Esmolol. A single center retrospective trial suggested that there was benefit in treating refractory VF/VT with it. 
  • Double sequence defibrillation is a nice idea but be cautious as there is minimal data for the same and there is some concern for damage to defibrillators. 



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Lee et al, Refractory ventricular fibrillation treated with esmolol, Resuscitation, 2016.