#EMconf: Dental Emergencies

Dental Complaints
● Canker sore → can apply Debacterol topically for relief → over the counter

● Loose tooth → apply Coe-Pack → mix catalyst and base in 1:1 ratio and apply around base of tooth, over tooth and to adjacent two teeth to stabilize the tooth


● Tooth Avulsion → time is tooth
     ○ Place in socket as long as no altered mental status or intoxication or at risk for swallowing or aspiration of tooth; account for all teeth
     ○ Other medium includes, Hank’s v. milk v. container of saliva; avoid water and dry
     ○ Handle by crown only, rinse gently with sterile water or saline to avoid additional damage to periodontal ligaments
     ○ Coe-Pack to splint with dental follow up

● Alveolar Osteitis → aka “Dry Socket” → Severe pain 24-48h s/p wisdom teeth removal as socket is opposed to air
     ○ Management → pack with dry socket paste → will need to follow up in 24-48 with dentist for re-packing

● Dental Bleeding → direct pressure +/- TXA +/- dental block for lido/epi injection