#EMconf: Mechanism of Injury

Mechanism: Jumping/falling from a significant height 
Injuries: Calcaneal fracture, lumbar burst/compression fracture, distal radial fracture (Lover's triad)

Mechanism: Elderly patient with fall, complaining of hip pain and frontal headache
Injuries: Hip fracture, odontoid fracture (calcified ligaments), subdural hematoma (tearing of bridging veins)

Mechanism: Restrained driver in MVC, high rate of speed, head-on collision with left hip pain 
Injury: Posterior hip dislocation (physical exam: internal rotation, adduction)

Mechanism: Back seat passenger wearing lap-belt only, high rate of speed, head-on collison 
Injury: Pancreatic injury, chance fracture at the thoracolumbar junction, duodenal injury/hematoma 

Mechanism: 7 year old falling off a trampoline, complaining of elbow pain
Injury: Supracondylar fracture; complication: Volkmann's ischemic contracture (compartment syndrome)