#EMconf: TB pearls

  • Think of indolent TB presentations: cough for 2 weeks, hemoptysis and B symptoms (fever, weight loss, ill appearing)
  • Does your TB patient need isolation

       -EMERGEncy ID NET Study Group provides a decision instrument for isolation of suspected TB patients in US EDs 
       -Patients with pulmonary TB are deemed not infectious after meeting the following 3 criteria: 
               -3 serial negative sputum smears 
               -Have been on effective treatment for 2 weeks
               -Have had an improvement in symptoms 

  • Use your local health department

   -State/County should be aware of all known patients with active TB in your community
   -Can assist provider with information regarding care
   -Essential component of follow up

Moran GJ, et. al. EMERGEncy ID NET Study Group. Decision instrument for the isolation of pneumonia patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis admitted through US emergency departments. Ann Emerg Med. 2009 May;53(5):625-32.