Imaging Case: Six Week-Old Infant with Projectile Vomiting

Case: A six week-old previously healthy, term infant via vaginal birth is brought to pediatric ED for repeated episodes of vomiting over a one week period. Vomiting occurs 20-30 min following every episode of feeding and is described as projectile. Parents note decreased urine output over the past two days. Patient is noted to be hungry following vomiting episodes

Vital Signs:
HR: 143
Temp: 37.2˚C
SpO2: 100%

Physical Exam: Alert and vigorous infant that cries upon examination but is easily consoled. Anterior fontanelle is flat and not sunken. Abdomen is soft without masses. Remainder of exam is within normal limits.

An abdominal ultrasound is obtained with the following results:

Question: Infants present with BILIOUS vomiting when this disorder is present
A) True
B) False