Imaging Case: Woman With Altered Mental Status

Case: 55 year old female with unknown medical history presents to the Emergency Department by EMS after having a seizure. Prior to the seizure the patient was found "acting strangely" and agitated outside on her street. Patient had a witnessed seizure after police arrived.

Vital Signs:

  • HR: 108
  • BP: 132/96
  • RR: 16
  • SpO2: 98% on room air.
  • Temperature: 98.8 degrees F, oral

Pertinent Physical Exam: Confused and agitated patient who is uncooperative and does not follow commands. No gross, focal neurologic deficits. GCS 11 (incoherent speech).

CT of the head without contast is obtained to rule out trauma. Shown below:

Question: What does the image reveal?

  1. Glioblastoma Multiforme
  2. Cerebral Metastasis
  3. Meningioma
  4. Neurocysticercosis
  5. Cerebral Calcification