Interesting Cases: Aortoenteric fistula



60 y.o. male with a PMH of PVD s/p aorto-bifemoral bypass c/b aortoenteric fistula (duodenum-graft) s/p excision aorto-left uni fem with inline recon from aorta to L fem, COPD, HTN, prior DVT (negative duplex BLE 2 weeks ago) who p/w cardiac arrest and hypotension

  • EMS report: unresponsive and pulseless → PEA arrest, 5 min CPR + epi → ROSC, intubated in the field
  • Family: recent fatigue and somnolence/AMS


Physical Exam

  • HR 126, BP 59/38, POX 97% on ETT
  • MAE spontaneously
  • Abdomen is distended, soft and there is a large hernia with well healed abd incisions


DDx: AAA leak vs. GIB [prior h/o aortoenteric fistula] vs. massive PE [prior h/o DVT but negative BLE Doppler US 2 weeks prior] vs. septic shock [dry gangrene of L great toe] vs. cardiogenic shock



  • FAST negative for free fluid, no RV dilation, limited abdominal aorta exam
  • 2 units of PRBC ordered (Hgb 8.2; 10 days ago 10.3)
  • Crit care consult
  • He then had several episodes of large volume maroon colored stool + > 1 L of maroon output via NG tube 
  • Given pRBCs, FFP, Plts → massive transfusion protocol (Cooler of 5 units pRBCs + 5 units of plasma of uncrossmatched blood + 1 unit of platelets prepped for pickup every 15 minutes)
  • BP improved slighly to obtain CTA
  • Surgery consulted for aortoenteric fistula and taken to OR by vascular






Take home points:

  • Aortoenteric fistula = an abnormal connection between the aorta and GI tract, usually because of erosion of prosthetic graft (e.g., prior AAA repair) into surrounding structures
  • Pt may present with a self-limited "herald" bleed from above or below, which usually precedes a massive hemorrhagic event 
  • Hemodynamically unstable patients + bleeding + known AAA → go directly to OR after initial resuscitation and antibiotics



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