Low Risk Chest Pain - The Bane of ED Doctors Everywhere!

A brief summary of the fantastic talks from the 2016 Emergency Cardiology Symposium sponsored by the University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine:

  • STEMI and NSTEMI are easy. The much, much more common situation is the vague chest pain patient with non-ischemic ECGs and negative biomarkers. The vast majority of these patients have non-cardiac chest pain and will be fine. A tiny percentage may drop dead in the next 30 days.
  • Cardiology guidelines (AHA/ACC) are unhelpful in determining what to do with these patients, and generally advocate for extensive (and expensive!) provocative testing for nearly all chest pain patients
  • Check out these fantastic, free talks from some of the best minds in Emergency Medicine from 2016's Univeristy of Maryland Emergency Cardiology symposium which attempt to address this extremely frustrating topic which has plagued ED docs for a generation. Then sign up for this year's symposium on April 5!