A Week in Review Aug 28th - Sept 1st

Monday: Back to Basics - Pediatric Chest Pain

Mostly benign causes, not all children need Chest xrays and EKGS.

Focus on the history and physical to look out for dangerous causes:

HOCM, WPW, PTX, Aspirated FB, Sickle cell/Acute Chest syndrome

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Marine Poisoning

Feeling red and flushed after dinner? Ate some fish?

Scombroid Poisoning - caused by build up of histadine during stroage, gets converted to histamine.

Tx = supportive, anti-histamines, generally self limiting in 24-48 hours

 Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - The (Dis)Utility of the UDS

Remeber the UDS can have many false negatives and false postive.

Check out these tables to see some of the false (+)s and False (-)s

Friday: Critical Care - Critical Care of the Pregnant Patient

Remeber T.O.L.D

T = Tilt 30-45 on Left Lateral Decuib to release compression of IVC from the uterus

O = Oxygen, pregnant patients often desaturate much quicker!

L = Lines, place early and above the diaphragm

D = Dates/Delivery (call L&D). Use dates to think about fetal viability. Get L&D involved early especially if fetus is viable (20-24 weeks)

Saturday: Board Review - Facial Trauma

Do you know the best way to determine CSF from snot/tears?

It might not be what you think