A Week in Review: Dec 12th-Dec17th

If you are giving dexamethasone to lower mortality and rates of neurologic sequelae in patients with bacterial meningitis, remember to dose it every 6 hours! Dexamethasone in Meningitis: The Evidence and Identifying Barriers to Care

When doing a posterior ECG, pick up leads V4-V6 and place them in this distrubtion (V6-V8). In a posterior MI, you will see ST elevation in these leads! How to Never Miss a Posterior Myocardial Infarction in Your Career

CT with IV and PO contrast is the imaging test of choice when evaluating for Fournier's Gangrene. Despite CT findings, diagnosis is largely clinical! Remeber to use the lung windows to evaluate for free air outside of bowel. Imaging Case: 74 Year Old Male with Rectal Pain and Fatigue

Administering sodium bicarbonate and hyperventilating via BVM can help achieving pre- and post-intubation pH goals of 7.45-7.50 (alkalemic) in patients with salicylate toxicity. Don't Slow Me Down! Airway Management in Salicylate Toxicity

In a recently published study, IV ketorolac 10 mg showed the same analgesic efficacy at larger doses, suggesting a lower analgesic ceiling. Are You Overdosing Toradol? The Evidence for the New Analgesic Ceiling