A Week in Review: Dec 5th-Dec 10th

Time of onset of corticosteroid action in acute asthma exacerbation is 4-8 hours. When given within the first hour of ED stay, corticosteroids have been shown to reduce hospital admissions. The Core of Asthma Management

Initial ventilator settings in severe asthma exacerbation are unique to its pathophysiology. Typically recommended initial setting include RR 10, TV 6 cc/kg, FIO2 100%, PEEP 0 mm Hg or <80% of intrinsic PEEP, I:E 1:4, Inspiratory Flow Rate >90 L/min. You Have Intubated an Asthmatic... Now What? Initial Ventilator Settings in Severe Asthma Exacerbation

The pathological conditions that cause central vertigo are anatomically localized to the vertebrobasilar arterial system, cerebellum, and brainstem. Obtained MRI Brain With and Without Contrast, MRA of Neck, and MRA Brain to correctly evaluate for this pathology. The Right and Wrong Imaging Tests to Evaluate for Central Vertigo

Patients will start to develop Abdominal Compartment Syndrome and end-organ dysfunction at pressures of 21-25 mm Hg. Consider paralyzing the patient and decompressive laparotomy. I Can't Take the Pressure Anymore! When to Worry About Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

Acromioclavicular joint separations Types 1-3 are managed with sling immobilization, supportive care, and follow up with orthopedics. Types 4 and 5 (and sometimes Type 3) require surgical repair. Orthopedic Injuries Around the NFL: Jordan Reed's Acromioclavicular Joint Separation