A Week in Review: Jan 16th-Jan 21st

To reduce a subluxed radial head: hold the child's elbow at 90 degrees, supinate at the wrist, and flex at the elbow. If this is unsuccessful, try the hyperpronation technique. The Basics of Reducing Radial Head Subluxation (Nursemaid's Elbow)

Ultrasound guided peripheral IV placement as introduced by Hennepin County Ultrasound Fellow, Mark Robidoux, M.D. Introduction to the Ultrasound Guided IV

Avulsion fractures of the proximal fibula are highly suspicious for an unstable knee joint as >90% disrupt the posterolateral ligamentous complex. "Arcuate sign" on plain film suggests this injury. Imaging Case: 24 Year Old Male with Left Knee Pain

Skin glue reduced IV failure rate by 10% when added to standard of care. Can this be applied to ECMO catheters? Skin Glue to Reduce Peripheral IV Failure Rates

Cytarabine, a commonly used chemotherapy to treat leukemia, can cause pulmonary toxicity in up to 28% of patients. These patients experience onset of symptoms between 2 and 21 days after treatment. The pathophysiology includes non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema and should be treated with steroids and diuresis. Chemotherapeutic Agents and Pulmonary Toxicity

Humans can be infected with B virus after exposure to macaque monkeys. Infection with this virus carries an untreated mortality of 70%. Prophylaxis and treatment consists of herpes virus antiretroviral therapies. B Virus and 70% Mortality