A Week in Review: Jan 30th-Feb 5th

Bright-red or maroon-colored rectal bleeding originates from an upper GI source 14% of the time. BUN/Cr ratio > 30 is highly suggestive of upper GI bleeding, as digested and re-absorbed hemoglobin will raise the BUN. Antibiotic prophylaxis (ceftriaxone or fluoroquinolone). Esophageal Varices in Cirrhotics



If the ETT gets hung up while advancing through the cords, use a 90º anti-clockwise rotation to prevent its beveled point from getting caught in the arytenoids.






too much force can cause a perforation of the bronchiAdvance Airway Technique: Bougie





Wednesday (2/2): What's the Diagnosis?

  • Abdominal Pain and Ultrasound

Thursday (2/3): #EMconf

  • "Failure to diagnose" is the #1 reason for malpractice suits against EM physicians
  • Bounceback patients: Assume the original diagnosis was incorrect and start over:

Friday (2/4) Antibiotics of Cirrhotics with UGIB

  • Recommended according 2010 Cochran Review, notable Findings
  • Decrease Relative Risk Mortality 0.79, (95%CI: 0.63 - 0.98)
  • Decrease Relative Risk Mortality (2/2 Infection)  0.43, (95%CI: 0.19 - 0.97)
  • Pick Antibiotic based on local antibiogram for enteric pathogens