A Week in Review: July 10 - 14th

Monday: Back to Basics - Is that Amniotic Fluid?

Remember STERILE exam (incase membranes are ruptured)

Don't use lubricant as it can effect the pH

Use Nitrizine paper and look for Ferning

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Myth of Dry Drowning

Dry Drowning is all over the news but not in classic EM textbooks

Read this to find out what you need to know!

Wednesday: What's the Diag?

Thursday: #emconf - Diving Emergencies

Make sure you know the difference between Air-Gas Embolism (abupt onset)

and Decompression Sickness (aka the Bends)

Friday: Critical Care - Not Just Full of Hot Air

Do you know how to interpret the waveform of Capnograph?

Check out this great infographic for a quick review