Week in Review: July 16th - 21st

Monday: Back to Basics - Basics of Bell's

Diagnosis = facial droop in CN 7 area. Including eyebrow / forehead [helps to distguinish from central cause]

Treament = glucocorticoids +/- antivairal if presentation in first 48/72 hrs

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Bedside US for Improving 1st Attempt LP

Check out this article review from Annals of Emergency Medicine just published.

Neal, JT, et al. The Effect of Bedside Ultrasonographic Skin Marking on Infant Lumbar Puncture Success: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2017;69(5):610-619.

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis

Thursday: #emconf - Snake Bites

What's the difference between a crotalines and Elapids

Remember crotalines cause local tissue necorsis and treatment via CroFab

Elapids have neurotoxin, treatment is supportive, no antivenom

Friday: Critical Care - A Curious Case of Lactic Acidosis

Check out our first in a series of monthly podcasts


Saturday: Board Review - Shoulder Injuries

Do you remember the innervation of the shoulder and arm?

Test your knowledge here