A Week in Review: July 24 - 28th

Monday: Back to Basics - SCFE

Fracture through the growthplate (physis), present with hip / groin pain.

Pain complain of trivial trauma, Check both hips, ~40% bilateral

TX = operative internal fixation

Tuesday: Advanced Concepts - Airway Mastery: Head of bed up

Keeping the head of bed elevated (20-30 degrees) during intubation DECREASES time until desaturation

Also helps reducing atelectasis and shunting physiology

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - Tips for Discussions with Consultants

Lead with your Questions / reason for consultation

Explain your reasoning, if they refuse agree to discuss it after they have examined that patient

Frame the request as helping the patient, no you

Friday: Critical Care - What's the Diagnosis?