A Week in Review: July 3 - 7th

Monday: Back to Basics - Mysterious Arm Mass

What is a Biceps Rupture?

Do you know what the Squeeze test or Hook Test are?

Save your patient an uncessary x-ray to CT scan.

Treatment is sling for comfort and ortho follow up

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - After Lazarus, Post Cardiac Arrest Ventillator Management

Click this link to see a great view with quick summary

Wednesday: What's the Diag?

Thursday: #emconf - Meds for the Seizing Patient

First line:
Benzodiazepine (Midazolam / lorazepam / diazepam)

Second Line:
-IV Fosphenytoin
-IV Valproic Acid
-IV Levetiracetam
-IV Phenobarbital

 Third Line:
-Repeat second line options
-Anesthetic doses of: Midazolam, Propofol,  Ketamine, Thiopental or Pentobarbital, or inhaled gases 
*All with continuous EEG monitoring

Friday: Critical Care - Identifying and Preventing Post Intubation Hypotention

Best prevention is good dectection, patients with the following characteristics are at highest risk of post intubation hypotention:

  • patients with an elevated shock index (HR/SBP) ≥ 0.8
  • elderly patients (less cardiopulmonary reserve)
  • patients with intravascular volume depletion