Week in Review June 5th - June 9th

Monday - Back to Basics: Pearls on some of the less common tick borne illnesses

leukopenia, thrombocytopenia and transaminitis = think Erlichiosis

Hemolytic Anemia and Malteese Cross = Babesiosis

Tuesday - Advanced Practice: Fish Hook Removal in the ED

1) Push it through, cut the barb and back it up

2) Just yank it

3) Make an incision

Wednesday - What's The Diagnosis?

Thursday - #emconf: TB Pearls

How long are patients contagious in the US?

Patients with pulmonary TB are deemed not infectious after meeting the following 3 criteria: 
               -3 serial negative sputum smears 
               -Have been on effective treatment for 2 weeks
               -Have had an improvement in symptoms 

Friday - Critical Care: #Guidewire Problems

Check out this tip to reduce your chance of losing your vascular access while you fumble with the wire

WIN (Wire In Needle) Method