A Week In Review: Nov 13th-Nov 18th

Despite common misperceptions, insertion of a nasogastric tube will not provoke further esophageal variceal bleeding. While there is no evidence behind use of NG tube and prediction of bleeding location or mortality benefit, there is evidence that supports improvement of visualiztion of bleeding source during endoscopy. The 5-Minute Consult on Variceal Bleeding

Patients have an 80% mortality risk associated with Pa02/FiO2 <100 on FiO2 90% and/or Murray score 3-4 despite optimal care for 6 hours or more. This is one indication for ECMO! Respiratory Failure: Indications for ECMO

Imaging tip: The common bile duct is anterior to the portal vein and deep to the liver - use color Doppler to identify the duct overlaying the portal vein as in the above images. Common bile duct dilation to 5 mm is suspicious, 8 mm is pathogenic. Imaging Case: Woman with Abdominal Pain

A good estimate is that babies should take 2.5 oz per day for every pound of body weight. Neonatal Vomiting is Not Always Reflux

Early enteral feeding in severe pancreatitis had a RR of 0.18 for death! Feed Me! Early Enteral Nutrition in Acute Pancreatitis