A Week in Review: Oct 2nd - 7th

Monday: Back to Basics - Digoxin Toxicity

EKG: multiple PVCs, bidirectional VT, slow afib

Diag: Symptoms and serum Dig Level, although they may not correlate

Tx = DigiFab

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Vaginal Bleeding

Try Kerlex with lubrication

IV TXA, 10mg/kg max dose 600mg

Don't forget your ABC's

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

 Thursday: #emconf - Gross Hemoptysis

Start with the ABC's

CXR followup by CTA of the Chest or Bronch.

If you need to secure the airway, attempt to use a 8.0 tube

Patient positioning, if only bleeding from one lung, put that lung lower

Friday: Critical Care - What's the Diagnosis?

Physical Exam of the Abdomen

Saturday: Board Review - Hemoptysis

How do you manage nonmassive hemoptysis?