A Week in Review: Sept 4th - 9th

Monday: Back to Basics - Hyponatremia

Causes are broken down into Hypo-Osmolar, Iso-osmolar, and Hyper-Osmolar

Most Common is Hypo, which is further divided based on volume status (Hypo, Eu, Hyper)

Don't forget symptoms generally more related to speed of Na change than degree of change!

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Airway Mastery: Preoxygenation Strategies

NIPPV allows up to 100% O2 delivery, Positive pressure may help in lung recruitment especially in obese patients.

Multiple studies suggest additional 100-120 seconds till desturation when preoxgenated with NIPPV

Also use NRB Mask with maximum flow rate (50-60 LPM) also called "Flush Rate"

Some studies suggest O2 rates up to about 86% O2 in flush rate compated to 54% with NRB at standards rates.

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - Serotonin Syndrome

Presents with alteration of cognitive (AMS), autonomic (tachycardia, hyperthermia) and neuromuscular (myoclonus, hyperreflexia) functions.

Friday: Critical Care - LVAD Emergencies

Problems to consider: Power? Check the batteries

Circulation? No Pulse, no problem, use a ultrasound / doppler and a manual cuff to measure MAP directly.

Saturday: Board Review - Orbital Trauma

Do you know the indications for emergent lateral canthotomy?

Check your knowledge here!