What's the diagnosis? By Dr. Sydney Tabaac


A 65 yo male PMH HTN, HLD presents with left foot pain and swelling.  An x-ray is is done.  What's the diagnosis?  Scroll down for answer.





Answer:  Osteomyelitis of the great toe with soft tissue swelling noted by the radiologist





Osteomyelitis: an infection involving bone

  • Mechanism:
      • Hematogenous: more common, seeding in the setting of bacteremia; usually monomicrobial S aureus (most common), aerobic gram negative rods
      • Non-hematogenous: from adjacent soft tissue or direct innoculation (trauma or surgery); polymicrobial or monomicrobial, S aureus, coag-negative staph, aerobic gram negative rods
  • Differential: soft tissue infection, charcot arthropathy, osteonecrosis, gout, fracture, bursitis, bone tumor
  • Risk factors: diabetes, IV drug use, vasculopathy, trauma or surgical procedure
  • Work up:
      • Labs including CBC, ESR, CRP, blood culutres
      • Imaging test of choice is MRI
  • Treatment - consult surgery for surgical debridement with bone biopsy and then 4-6 weeks of antibiotics




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