Week in Review: July 2-6th

Monday: Back to Basics - Kawaski Disease

Clinical Diagnosis

Fever for 5 Days plus 4 of: Skin rash, mucous membrane involvement, Conjunctivitis, changes in extremities

Treatment = ASA and IVIG

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Happy July 4th

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - MedMalMonthly: Discharge Instructions

Check out a great round up of tips and tricks of on eof the risks parts of taking care of patients in the Emergency Department, Discharge!

Give Time specific and action specific instructions, Avoid false certanties

When appropraite include a repeat/updated exam.

Friday: Critical Care - You've just intubated your patient... Now What?

Check out this great lecture from the original ResusEM

Get excited about ResusEM2 coming 08/01/2018