A Week in Review: Nov 13th - 18th

Monday - Back to Basics: Dizziness and the HINTS Exam

Head Impulse Testing


Test of Skew

Tuesday - Advanced Practice: Euglycemic DKA

All of findings of DKA but with relatively normal glucose.

Only found in patients on SGLT-2 inhibitors – medication that end in “–gliflozin” 

Excess glucose is excreated via urinary system.

Thursday - #emconf: Breach Delivery

Check out this stepwise approach to support delivery of a fetus presenting Breach

Don't forget to call for help!

Remeber to be patient, allow the fetus to do the work

Friday - Critical Care: Management of Cerebellar Hemorrhage

Be prepared to manage the airway

Patients with developing hydrocephalus or signs of brainstem compromise may benefit for surgical decompression

Based on INTERACT II, goal SBP < 140

Saturday - Board Review: Carbon Monoxide Poisioning

How well are you brushed up on CO and the diagnosis and treatment.