Critical Cases - Epidural Abscess Emergency!

A 61 yo male presents to the ED for the second time with complaints of back pain. While the overwhelming majority of cases of back pain are benign, there are a few "can't miss" causes which will result in paralysis if not diagnosed early. You ponder these diagnoses as you make your way to the patient's room...

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Critical Cases - Blunt Myocardial Injury

Blunt chest injury can rarely result in a direct contusion to the myocardium. This "bruise of the heart" can precipiate lethal cardiac arrhythmia, often in a delayed fashion. As you evaluate a trauma patient with complaints of chest pain after blunt injury,  you wonder what the correct workup and management of this potentially fatal condition should consist of....

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Critical Cases - "I drank this"

A 50 yo male is brought in via EMS vomiting red fluid. 1 hour prior, he had chugged about half a gatorade bottle that he had used to store windshield washer fluid. "What's in windshield washer fluid?" you wonder as you enter the patient's room. "Is it bad????" Read on to find out why, yes, this is very bad indeed.

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