Advanced Practice: Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy






  • Emphasis on early airway support.
  • Uterus displacement to the left to increase venous return.
  • Chest compressions are slightly higher.
  • DO NOT use Amiodarone → Class D in pregnancy .
  • If trauma, place chest tube in the 3rd/4th ICS, anterior axillary line.






  • Epinephrine should not be withheld for theoretical risk of uterine artery vasoconstriction.
  • Defibrillate per usual → remove fetal heart monitoring because can lead to direct electrical injury.
  • Therapeutic hypothermia per usual indications.




Peri-mortem C-Section: reviewedhere






Mallemat, H. Supportive Management of Critical Illness in the Pregnant Patient. Emergency Medicine Practice. June 2012; Volume 2, Number 3