Board Review: It's all about the little people!


A 4-year-old male presents with his mother after she notices a rash on his face when he returns from day care. Rash is pictured as below: 

Mom notes that he did complain of a sore throat, headache, and a temperature of 100.5 3 days prior. What is the diagnosis? 


A. Scarlet Fever

B. Roseola Infantum 

C. Erythema Infectiosum 

D. Atopic Dermatitis 

E. Impetigo 


















Answer is C. Erythema Infectiosum is usually caused by parvovirus B19. Patient usually has a slapped cheek appearance. Rash usually disappears om 1-6 weeks but can appear with sun exposure or heat. Treatment usually requires NSAIDs and other symptomatic management. 





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