Board Review: Traumatic Injuries

A 33 year old healthy male presents to the ED with severe left knee pain after a MVC. After careful history and physical exam, you suspect a left knee dislocation. What nerve is most commonly injured with knee dislocations?  (scroll down for the answer)

a) Tibial Nerve.

b) Peroneal Nerve

c) Medial Sural Cutaneous Nerve

d) Saphrenous Nerve

e) Obturator Nerve












The correct answer is b) Peroneal Nerve  

Knee Dislocation Pearls

-       Orthopedic Emergency

-       Suspect in knee that is unstable in multiple directions after a traumatic injury

-       Spontaneous reduction in up to 50% of knee dislocations

-       Common complications: popliteal artery injury and peroneal nerve injury


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