A Week in Review

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - The Sphenopalantine Block

Indication: Headache

Technique - place a mixture of bupivicane and lidocaine on a cotton swap a let sit on the ganglion

Let sit 5-10 minutes, 50% of patients acheieve greater than 50% reduction in Pain

Click link above for more details and links to the studies.

Wednesday: What's the Diag?

Thursday: #emconf - Phenytoin Friend or Foe?

2nd Line medication for patient actively seizing 

Dose is 20mg/kg IV.  MAX rate 50mg/min

If given too quickly, can cause cardiac stunning and fatal hypotension

If you have fosphenytoin, use it!

Friday: Critical Care - What's the Diag?

Patient with arm weakness and tingling after falling forward and hitting her head.