A Week in Review: Feb 13th - Feb 17th

MONDAY: Back to Basics Approach to the Slit Lamp

Check out this great info graphic to jumpstart you Slit Lamp Skills

TUESDAY: Tranexemaic Acid: Evidence and Clinical Applications

Most of heard the use for trauma, some for nose bleeds. How about: Hemoptysis, ICH, GI Bleed, Post Partum Hemorrhage, Menorrhagia, Traumatic Hyphema and SAH

Check out this great post and reivew of the evidence

WEDNESDAY: Whats the Diagnosis?

An 8 yo with some SOB after dinner.

Check out this lateral neck X-ray

THURSDAY: #EMconf D-dimer in Pregnancy, what's the cut-off

Check out this review of two papers that try to answer that questions

FRIDAY: Critical Care - Sux for Kids?

Quick review of the Pro's & Con's