A Week in Review: Feb 20th - Feb 24th

Monday: Back to Basics - Baby, It's Cold Outside: Death by Hypothermia

Rewarm strategy based on CV status, NOT current temperature

First = Passive (ie removal from cold environement, including clothes)

Second = Active External - warm water emersion, heating blankets, warm forced air

Third = Active Core - Warm IV Fluids, GI, Bladder, Peritoneal, Pleural Lavage

Finally = ECMO - check the post for all the details

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - How did the STD get there, Doc??

Don't forget about disseminated gonococcal infection (migratory polyarthalgia, rash)

Diagnosis made via fluid culture (although only positive 40%), use clinical correlation

Treatment = IV Ceftriaxone followed by oral therapy after improvement in rash / joint effusion

Wednesday: Whats the Diagnosis? by Joesph Cesarine

Thursday: #EMconf - Dialysis Catheter Infections and Other Nephrology Pearls

Most Common Causes of CRBI are gram positives (Staph), start wtih Vanc (20mg/kg) and Cefepime (1gm)

Make sure to check if your dialysis patient still makes urine!

No data to support immediate dialysis after IV contrast, HOWEVER, definately dialysis after Gadolinium for MRIs

Friday: Critical Care - I Can't Take the Pressure Anymore! When to Worry about Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

How to make the Diag: look for High Volume Resuscitation + Decreased Compliance + Increased Abdominal Content

Treatment based on Grade (intra abdominal pressure)

If Greater than 20 mmHg time to consider decompressive laparotomy