A Week in Review: Feb 27th - March 3rd

Monday: Back to Basics - Fracture Terminology

Find yourself searching for the right way to describe a fracture?

Check out this High Yield Review for a quick refresher.

Tuesday: Advanced Concepts - ECG and Wellens' Warning

Never heard of Wellens' Warning before?

Did you know there are 2 morphologies seen on ECG?

Remeber to avoid puttting these patients on a Stress Test!

Wednesday: Whats the Diagnosis?

Knee pain while playing basketball

Thursday: #EMconf - Traumatic Arrest & REBOA

What is REBOA? Is it coming to your ED soon?

Friday: Critical Care - GI Bleeding - The Evidence Behind When to Transfuse?

Review of a RCT about liberal vs restrictive transfusion strategy. Great Infographic Inside