A Week in Review: Jan 9th-Jan 14th

When repairing tongue lacerations, tie with a minimum of four knots as movement of the tongue can loosen sutures. Also remember that inferior alveolar nerve blocks will anesthetize the ipsilateral, anterior 2/3 of the tongue. The Basics of Tongue Lacerations

Salicylate toxicity can cause low blood glucose in the CSF (hypoglycorrachia) while maintaining a "normal" serum glucose. This phenomenon can contribute to a change in mental status which could mistakenly be attributed to the patient's respiratory status. If possible, correct serum glucose to >150 mg/dL and monitor for improvement prior to intubation. Hypoglycorrachia, Salicylate Toxicity, and Preventing Intubation

In a patient with a history of tuberculosis or risk factorsf presenting with a unilateral neck mass for months, think tuberculosis lymphadenitis (Scrofula). Imaging Case: 33 Year Old Male with Neck Swelling

ST segment elevation >25% of the R-S wave could indicate STEMI over LVH. Is it a STEMI? Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Early Repolarization as Mimickers

Literature comparing mannitol versus hypertonic saline in lowering ICP in the setting of brain injury shows no difference between the two agents. Brain Protection After Severe Injury: Hyperosmolar Therapy

Zone II 5th metatarsal base fractures (Jones fracture) are located at the proximal diaphysis and involve or are directed towards the 4th-5th metatarsal articulation. What is the Diagnosis?