A Week in Review: June 12th - 16th

Monday: Back to Basics - Posion Ivy

3 Different Plans cause it, results in itchy streaky vesicular rash

Tx for severe (>20% BSA or if on face, genitals) = Immediate clean with soap and water

Topical steroids, if patient with severe discomfort conisder oral steroids, REMEBER to taper over 2-3 weeks

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Is there a doctor on the plane?

Expect to find: an AED, basic first AID kit (gauze etc) and and Expanded Medical Kit which contains:

Oropharyngeal airways (3 sizes), Bag-valve masks (3 sizes) and CPR masks, IV needles, syringes and saline solution (500cc NS), Medications: Antihistamine 25mg tabs and 50mg injectable, Aspirin 325mg, Atropine 0.5mg, bronchodilator inhaler, Dextrose 50%, Epinephrine (both 1:1,000 and 1:10,000 solutions), lidocaine 5cc 20mg/ml injectible and nitroglycerin 0.4mg tablets

Medical - Legally: The Aviation Medical Assistance Act of 1998 provides some protection for physicians and other medical professionals who volunteer their services during flight. It is implied that you will act in good faith and are not guilty of “gross negligence or willful misconduct.” Obviously you must be sober in order to provide care! ACEP recommends to receive no monetary compensation to be protected under this Act.

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis? - FOOSH

Thursday: #emconf - Finger Injuries

Distal Phalanx Dislocations that need a specialist: unable to fully extend after reduction, a/w Fracture >30-40% of articular surface

Other Phalanx Fractures that need a specialist?

Intra-articular, Spiral, Oblique, Unstable, Displaced,

Friday: Critical Care - Causes of seizures in ESRD

Don't forget to think about hypocalcemia

Make sure to check the Ionized Ca in addition to your standard chemistry

Treatment = IV Calcium