A Week in Review: June 19 - 23rd

Monday: Back to Basics - Burns

Make sure to measure the % of Total Body Surface Area

Use the Rule of 9's (Adult) Or the Lund and Browder (Peds)

Remeber not to count superficial burns in your %

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Ovarian Hypertimulation

Presentation: edema, ascites, renal failure, electolyte disturbances

Tx: Fluid resusitation, avoid pelvic exam

Wednesday: What's the Diag?

Fracture involveing a prosthetic? What to do?

Thursday: #emconf - Mechanism of Injury

Two Calcaneal Fractures? Check the Spine (Lover's Triad)

Lap Belt Injury & MVC? Think Pancreatic Injury, Duodenal Injury, Chance Fx


Friday: Critical Care - Pressors in Peds

Check out this review of a RCT looking at Dopamine vs Epi

Study from Brazil in 2015